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I'm Sun and welcome to my crib! Be aware that this website could contain content that is unsuitable for minors. Not in a NSFW way but in more of a Fuck Shit Bitch way.

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My name is Sun, or Peter, I'm a 23 year old living in Texas. I have a degree in radio-television-film, but my days are currently being spent working in a tax office. I love video editing and screenwriting. In my free time, I write and do digital art. I have a lot of original characters and I love to interact and collaborate with my friends. I also enjoy reading, collecting vinyl records, watching old sitcoms, playing video games, and just chatting with people.

This website is meant to serve as a personal art gallery and blog, though you'll find I cram a LOT of other shit in here as well. I encourage you to take your time and look through my website at your own pace. Hopefully you find something you like, and if not, I have plenty of links to places to go from here! Thanks so much for stopping by, and let me know if you see something you enjoy.