The Minecraft Devs Commissioned Me!

I drew this fanart of the Warden and axolotl when they were announced, because I thought their concept art was awesome:

And a year or so later, Josh Mulanax DM'd me on Twitter asking permission to use it. Apparently, there is an all game-dev soccer league based in LA, and Mojang has two teams that play in it. So, not only did he offer to pay me to use the Warden picture for the first team- The Wardens - but he commissioned a second picture to use for their other team, The Vindicators!

I was so honoured that the Minecraft devs chose my art- let's face it, but there are a LOT of AMAZING Minecraft fanartists out there who they could have reached out to! I've loved Minecraft since I was a kid, so this was really huge for me. And, Josh was kind enough to send pictures when all the jerseys came in!