The Ghoul Gathering Collab Archive!

What is the Ghoul Gathering Collab?

The Ghoul Gathering Collab (GGC) is a yearly event for artists that takes place every October! I started this event back in 2016, and it has grown a lot since then. The premise is simple- just draw yourself or an OC/sona in a Halloween costume (or as a legit monster!) and send me the transparent file, and I'll add you in to the giant collage at the end! The event runs from Oct. 1st - Oct. 31st, and results are usually posted on the first day of November.

What are the rules for this collab?

There are a few rules to keep everything running smoothly:

  1. The file type must be a PNG and the background must be transparent. Traditional art is permitted as long as the image is good quality and you remove the background yourself!
  2. Please try to submit a fullbody picture. This makes arranging everyone much easier. Halfbodies are allowed on a case by case basis, mainly depending on if there's a spot that hides the cutoff.
  3. NO NSFW entries please! This is an event for all ages. Minor gore is fine, but try not to get too crazy!
  4. Non-human characters and OCs are allowed! So, if you want to use your fursona, that's totally fine.
  5. One entry per participant.
  6. No tracing, bases, or AI art are permitted.
  7. NO hateful or appropriative entries will be permitted.
  8. There is a HARD DEADLINE of October 31st. There will be no exceptions for late entries.

Ghoul Gathering Collab Archive

Here are all of the past finished GGCs, along with all of the participants. Some participants have since moved or deactivated their social media, so sorry for any lost credits! I've recredited the ones I know off the top of my head to their new handles.

GGC 2023

Participants: 21
From Left to Right: OctoNova on toyhouse, me (the pink!), merelymodest on twitter, Arsensational on twitter, schl33py_z0mb13 on twitter, yaitse_e on Twitter, gummiscribble on twitter, ghostybunnz on twitter, whatsup-stair on Tumblr, Loopy_Spoopy on twitter, pboperation on tumblr, cinnamonbunbuns on twitter, tortaleenie and Galantines on twitter (collab!), snerpthesnerr on Discord, the-doodleer on tumblr, mekhamikha on twitter, GlassRooibos on twitter, 71EH_ on twitter, GrappleMace on twitter, ozzie_scribe on twitter

GGC 2022

Participants: 21
From Left to Right: OctoNova on, GRAVEYARDD0G on twitter, 71EH_ on twitter, cinnamonbunbuns on twitter, gummiscribble on twitter, merelymodest on twitter, ghostybunnz and yaitse_e on twitter (collab), pboperation on tumblr, Good_Laze and caspore_ on twitter (collab), Parziivale on twitter, ozzie_scribe on twitter, the-doodleer on tumblr, me, Galantines and tortaleenie on twitter (collab), amble_juice on twitter, GlassRooibos on twitter, ArtsAvians on twitter, Mentemori on twitter

GGC 2021

Participants: 17
From Right to Left: theartichokedragon on instagram, PrinceMochiBot on twitter, OctoNova on, the-doodleer on tumblr, pboperation on tumblr, me, tortaleenie on twitter, caspore_ on twitter, aicity_ on twitter, GlassRooibos on twitter, cinnamonbunbuns on twitter, kondorksart on twitter, ozzie_scribe on twitter, 71EH_ on twitter, Galantines on twitter, ghostybunnz on twitter, whatsup-stair on tumblr

GGC 2020

Participants: 11
From Left to Right: pboperation on tumblr, ozzie_scribe & 71EH_ on twitter (collab), GrappleMace on twitter, ghostybunnz on twitter, OctoNova on, me, GlassRooibos on twitter, credit lost, PrinceMochiBot on twitter, the-doodleer on tumblr

GGC 2019

Participants: 9
From Left to Right: niklrose on instagram, ozzie_scribe on twitter, GlassRooibos on twitter, chaoticcorvid on deviantArt, me, eznii on tumblr, the-doodleer on tumblr, zihette on tumblr, gremlin-gal on deviantArt

GGC 2018

Participants: 14
From Left to Right: the-doodleer on tumblr, reginaldvonregi on deviantArt, reviewer3 on deviantart, Bluble_N on twitter, angorabunnie on twitter, floofhips on twitter, me, ThePwnedArtist on deviantArt, pboperation on tumblr, goopossum on twitter, the_ultimettaton on instagram, OctoNova on, theartichokedragon on instagram, sydneykoren on deviantArt

GGC 2016

Participants: 6
From Left to Right: Strabius on deviantArt, papa-oliver on deviantArt, me, the-doodleer on tumblr, voroxzii on instagram, ablehblep on tumblr