10-20-23: The Going Gets Tough

Isn't it funny, how right when you manage to get all your ducks in a row, a massive fucking meteor comes and wipes out the whole farm?

October 16th was a tax deadline- the Big One, the No More Extensions, the Give The IRS Your Forms Right The Fuck Now deadline, and I knew it would be a tough one to work. THe preparers were all behind, the clients were all pissed, and overtime was a necessity. I worked my ass off for this deadline. I really did. I stayed late calling clients for signatures. I worked over the weekend trying to get everything taken care of. And it went well! It went so well. Only a few people missed the deadline, and they were taken care of the very next day. We did it. We actually pulled it off.

And then the company laid me off two days later.

It happens, all the time, I know it happens and it's just business and it's nothing personal. But god, do I feel so betrayed. So taken advantage of. The company has spent weeks hyping up this restructuring, releasing survey after survey, harvesting ideas and procedures, and all that just to... lay off thirty of its hardest workers. It isn't fair. It's just fucking cruel. We were about to get back into the easy season- no deadlines, a chance to breathe. It was like a light at the end of the tunnel. The Halloween costume contest. The Christmas party. All the shit that makes tax season worth it.

But now I don't get a chance to breathe! Because I have to job hunt or fucking die!

FUCK that job for wringing me fucking dry for tax season and then dumping me in the gutter. FUCK off.

Ok. Rant Over. What Else Is Up.

Give me a second to recover from my blinding rage. I don't want my website to become a host to Endless Agony.

Some cool stuff is in the works. I've started production on a small visual novel with my dear friend Ki, expected to release... eventually. It's kind of spooky themed, but there's no way we can finish it for this halloween- and yet next halloween feels so far off. So we'll see. It's real fun stuff, though- a dating sim of sorts, though god knows we're both too queer and subversive to let it just be that. This is a bite-sized precursor to a full game, to see if it's actually something we enjoy making together. Ki is handling the art and I'm going to be working on the writing. I love collaborative art, so this is gonna be great.

Work slowly but surely progresses on the piece I'm doing for the Muppet Pride Zine- they're actually messaging me for updates on that right now, but uhm. Erm. I'm not great at check-ins, to be honest, because I'm more of a do-it-all-in-one-sitting type of artist. But I do plan on finishing that up very soon. I've also been accepted to an OC tarot card deck, which will be very fun- I'm doing the Knight of Pentacles and the Knight of Wands. Keep an eye out for that digital release as well.

New Site! Wax & Wane Vinyl

I have started a brand spanking new website! Please consider taking a look at Wax & Wane Record Shop, my new site focused around music and vintage vinyl. There you can find a catalogue of my personal collection, pages for community music recommendations, an Album of the Month feature, and more! This is originally something I planned to host on this site, but after seeing the creativity and community happening over at Marigold Town, I am proud to have been one of the early adopters of the platform- it's allowed me to expand and flesh out my initial idea into a full mock-business website. Definitely give that whole project a look, and consider signing up!

Ghoul Gathering Halloween Collab!

This is an event I've been running since 2016 in which artists are invited to draw themselves / a sona / an OC in a Halloween costume (or just as a freaky monster) and send it to me by October 31st in order to be edited all together into a big group picture! It's one of my favorite parts of the year- I just love seeing everyone's costumes and creativity, and it's amazing how much the project has grown since it started.
There are only 11 days left to join this year's collab... If you'd like to take part, simply draw yourself all Halloween-y and send it to me via email (robotwizardsarerad at gmail dot com) or discord (sunpop)! Find more info about it here, and check out last year's finished collab below!

That's all for this update! Thanks everyone for reading and I hope you have a Happy Halloween!!!!