09-12-2023: The Neverending Grind

Long Time No Update- I had meant to do one around my birthday (6/25) but as it turns out, I was doing Birthday Things- who would've thunk. I did, however, finish a little pixel adopt in celebration of my birthday- it's not nearly as cute as a bunch of the ones I've seen, but I like it. It's funny. And I've done a couple more small pixel pieces since then, as well. Feel free to smack these onto your page if you'd like- linking back to me is very appreciated. They'll have their own spot on my site, soon, as soon as I finish the... renovations.

I know they're not the best adoptables in the world, but I haven't done pixel art in a good while- so have mercy.

Speaking of the site renovations, I started from scratch about a month ago! No Regrets. I started learning CSS in earnest and actually solidifying my html knowledge (most of which has come from jacking around with Toyhou.se templates over the years). I still struggle with a lot- like, a lot- but I think I've got a decent handle on the basics. Maybe. Hopefully. So, as of now I can proudly say- this entire website has been coded from scratch! For now. I have seen some very cute templates and tutorials floating around that I'm tempted to implement on other areas of my website.

Besides The Website Stuff

I celebrated a birthday. I got some really gorgeous gift art, some cookies, and my friend mailed me some Bluey plushies. Good stuff!

I joined another zine. Another Muppets one- pride themed, this time. I'm drawing the main cast of The Jim Henson Hour, which includes my favorite muppet, Digit.

I went to Australia. Ooh, that's a big one! I took a two week vacation to Australia to visit my dear friend Shar, who graciously allowed me to crash at their place even though I snore like a motherfucker around cats. It was winter there, which was a nice break from the 100F+ streak going on in Texas this summer. We went to a wildlife sanctuary where I got to pet dingoes, hold a kookaburra, and feed some wallabies. We did a bunch of shopping and found a bunch of nice restaurants to go to. We binge-watched all of What We Do In The Shadows and half of Succession, two of my favorite shows. And we just had a lot of fun! And then I cried like a little baby getting on the plane to go home, because who knows if I'll ever have an opportunity like that again? I'm just very, very thankful that it happened.

Oh, and my favorite webcomic, Sakana by Mad Rupert came off of hiatus! Which is super fun and exciting! I've been following this sucker since I was 15, and it was definitely a very formative bit of media for me- I think the influences it had on my art style is clear. Maybe. Maybe that's wishful thinking! Either way, I highly recommend Sakana, and honestly I recommend all of Mad Rupert's work. Good stuff.

And From Here?

Well, one step at a time suits me best. But I do have some cool stuff upcoming.

I'm running a DND campaign, which is still in its first few sessions, but I have big plans. Big, ambitious plans. Big ambitious plans that honestly might be too big and ambitious for someone who has only ever run one shots before, but that's how you get shit done, isn't it? It's a sci-fi campaign with huge casette futurism vibes. Very 70s. Very funky. It's just about to really get good, I think, so I'm eager to schedule the next session. The original plan was biweekly but. Well. You know how that goes.

The aforementioned Muppet Pride Zine should be dropping late this year or early 2024. Keep an eye out, I will definitely be posting links- it's gonna be digital only, so no need to worry about shipping, and all of the proceeds will go to charity. I've seen the WIPs from the other artists and genuinely, from the bottom of my heart, anyone who snags a copy of this zine will be in for a treat!

The 6th Annual Ghoul Gathering Collab is coming up next month!

This is an event I've been running since 2016 (I missed a couple years, sue me) in which artists are invited to draw themselves / a sona / an OC in a Halloween costume (or just as a freaky monster) and send it to me by October 31st in order to be edited all together into a big group picture! It's one of my favorite parts of the year- I just love seeing everyone's costumes and creativity, and it's amazing how much the project has grown since it started. I'm also going to try to put together a page for the Ghoul Gathering Collab on my site before October with all of the previous years' iterations, but for now, take a look at how last years' turned out (click to fullview)!

One thing I'm hoping to implement this year is a full background- like a setting, not just a pattern or spooky fog. I think a neighborhood street might be nice, or maybe a forest- We'll have to see! But, if you'd like to join, please feel free to start thinking about what you'd like to dress as- anything SFW is on the table (some minors have been known to participate, so please nothing scandalous). We don't accept AI art or traced/stolen images. Collabs and commissions are fine! A ton of people do two-person costumes, which is always a ton of fun!

And I think that about covers this big ol' update! I'm glad to have my blog tab up and running again, hopefully that makes writing more frequent entries easier in the future- I've really streamlined it, I think, so that should be good. DEFINITELY expect something for October. Definitely. See you then!