05-20-2023: The Dreaded Roommate Hunt

As I'm writing this I can hear furniture being dragged across the hardwood floors of my living room. Please pray for my deposit.

With the arrival of the Summer Months comes my one year graduation anniversary- it's really hard to believe that just last year I was finishing up classes and standing out in the 90F weather for hours and hours in a black cap and gown. Fucked up. This summer also brings the end of my lease at this lovely house, and while I was all set to sign again, my awful roommate decided that No, Actually, she will not be signing this year (decided two days before we were supposed to sign). AGONY. By no means was this the perfect roommate- far from it, actually, she hogged the living room and used all the fridge and pantry space and her dogs were loud and her boyfriend was secretly crashing here and she was messy and she refused to stay in her room when she had COVID and she DIDN'T PAY THE BILLS ON TIME, TWICE.

But I'm a creature of habit, and the thought of finding a new roommate with such a tight turnaround was daunting- because, really, I don't have many friends in this city since graduation, and finding some random person off of Facebook or some app is.... Uhm. I mean, what if they're just as bad. The evil you know, right? I've adapted to all of my current roommate's shortcomings and learned to live around her. But these new ones... I don't know what this is gonna be like and I kind of hate it.

I've met a few different people over the past couple weeks of panic, because if I didn't find someone by the end of May I was gonna get kicked out myself, and wow. What a bunch of fucking weirdos. And, like, don't get me wrong- I'm not, like, normal or whatever. Like I like weird shit. I'm weird. Whatever. Okay? But these people were demented and I feel sorry for WHOEVER ends up living with them. One of them was like "I don't ever want to have visitors" which I GUESS is their preogative but you're not gonna tell me I can't have friends over. I was here first. I will have SO many friends over. Shut up. (I rarely have friends over).

Whatever. WHATEVER!!! I found people and I have some Doubts and one of them is being really pushy about moving in Mid May when her lease starts in June and there's no room for her to put stuff here- but I digress. I found people. And hopefully everything will work out Okay. :). Can you feel by anxiety from there?

Regardless, I am excited for a few certain things- one of the new roommates is also really into digital art, and her art is really good, which is fun. She also likes DnD and expressed interest in doing a campaign with me, which would be awesome- I've never played IRL, only over Discord, but I've been wanting to try it in person really bad. We also talked about weekly dinners, movie nights, stuff like that... And the other girl has some really cute dogs that I'm excited to meet (though I am gonna miss my current roommate's dogs SO MUCH). I also think redecorating will be really fun. This is an old house from the 40s, and it shows- I think we're wanting to lean into that vintage sort of style somehow. I know we have a charcoal couch, patio furniture, and pink velvet couch, and some plants so far. Excited to see what else we can find! I've been wanting to do a Facebook Marketplace furniture hunt since forever.

The Return of Flight Rising

In other news, I'm getting really into Flight Rising again. It's a little boring just playing by myself (my friends and I all kind of fell off a couple years ago) but I'm having fun. I mean, who doesn't like Dragon Dressup. These are my type of dragons, too, I'm a sucker for more ornate designs and outfits. I love skins. I'm cleaning my lair out and getting rid of some of my older dragons that I don't feel super connected to anymore, and revamping some of my faves, and getting new ones with the new genes and breeds that dropped while I was gone. It is MUCH harder now though, mostly because I'm BROKE. I'm dragon broke.

I used to have a lot of site currency because I would do commissions from my art shop in the forums. But it's dead now and my attempts at reopening the art shop have been thusfar unsuccessful- probably because I raised the prices to match my current USD prices and no one has 2 million treasure they wanna drop on art. That's So Much.

It is nice because I'm pretty inspired, creatively speaking. The color combinations and genes and outfits on Flight Rising are, a lot of the time, shit I'd never even dream of coming up with in the process of character design, and it's really fun to make gjinkas of my favorite dragons.

If you play Flight Rising and you wanna add me, please feel free to! I need more active friends!!! You can get to my profile here. Feel free to drop me a message. AND... If you're starting playing for the first time and want any of the dragons in my Sales tab, let me know and you can have them for free :) <3

Please note that all the dragon art on this page was drawn by the awesome Flight Rising team! But not the human art, I did that. :)