05-01-24: A New Day

Happy first day of May, my friends!

Life is crazy and complicated but good. I am now two months into my PBS job with a whole pile of shows already edited and ready to air. I've also got one of their live shows under my belt- live TV is no sweat because that was my job while I was in college, and it was fun to get to play camera operator again, even if my feet were kind of killing me the whole time.

There are a few more live shows coming down the pipe this month and one in particular has me nervous- a giant concert held downtown. They want to film it, but we don't have the budget to do it well, so there are some pretty back alley solutions we're relying on to make this work. The more worrying part is that I'm not just helping to set up the cameras, but helping to set up the concert in general- and we're having it on a random city street, so it's not like this is a prebuilt venue. All the stage, tables, chairs, barriers, fencing, food trucks, merch tables, etc... it's shaping up to be about 14 hours of manual labor and that MIGHT kill me. But we'll cross that bridge when we get there.


Perhaps the most exciting part of my PBS job is the creative opportunities. I'm actually working on a pitch bible for a children's television show, and I have the full and robust support of most of the staff here. They've all been very helpful in expanding the scope of the show and letting me bounce ideas off of them. I don't want to say anything here until everything is official but we're hoping to get this pitch bible and a pilot script put together and hopefully film a pilot this summer. Them we'll take it to try and get funding. Even if it doesn't take off, just having a pilot made would be so cool!

Website Updates

I'm still burnt out on a lot of webdev stuff due to that nonprofit website project I've been bogged down in. But we are hoping to finalize that this week and then I can get back to making MY websites instead. I really wanna figure out an art gallery for this site sooner rather than later. If anyone has any tips on how to format a functional art gallery, let me know!

Moving Blues

I still need to actually physically move all of my furniture and stuff out of Austin, which should be happening sometime this month. Uuuugh. I'm dreading it because it doesn't look like my dad or brother will be able to help. I have no idea how I'm gonna move all that stuff by myself. I still don't have a new place, so it's going into a storage unit until one of the places I'm looking at open up. Fingers crossed that will be soon because I am SICK of living with my parents.

Thanks anyone who read through this. I promise there will be more exciting website updates coming in the future rather than just blog posts. Hope y'all are having a great spring!